IHSS Career Pathways Program

  • Do you think a training program should be led by an instructor and include interaction with students?
  • Do you think a training program should build skills week after week so you learn new skills to enhance the care for the consumer?
  • Do you think training should be available in languages other than English? 

We do, too!

When Gov. Newsom signed SB172 into law, he authorized funding for the IHSS Career Pathways Program to uplift and invest in the IHSS workforce and in the care that they deliver to consumers. The California Department of Social Services (CDSS) is tasked with implementing and designing the program. 

Use your voice to let CDSS know that the IHSS Career Pathways Program should adopt a training framework specifically designed for adult learners with varying levels of educational backgrounds. Any training program must also recognize and address the fact that caregivers are diverse in the languages that they speak, their educational backgrounds, ages, immigrant status, and race and ethnicity, among other characteristics.  

Make your voice heard! Let CDSS know the impact of a training program like the CCA’s IHSS+ course.


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