Building Skills.
Improving Care.

We provide the training you need to build your skills and deliver next-level care.
Our program improves the quality of life for both you and the consumers you serve.

IHSS+ Essentials

Learn infection control, medication safety, mandated documentation, self-care, and more.

IHSS+ Alzheimer’s Disease & Dementia

Learn how to recognize symptoms such as sundowning and delirium.

Emergency & Disaster Prepared

Learn about emergency kits, lift and carry, protective actions, community resources, and trauma response.

Autism Spectrum Disorder

Learn how to identify maladaptive behaviors and how to use proactive tools to help manage these behaviors.

Traumatic Brain Injury

Learn about the different types of traumatic brain injury, recovery, and the support that is needed.

Diabetic Care & Nutrition

Learn the tools to manage symptoms, nutrition and portion sizes, and responding to urgent diabetic situations.

Heart Disease & Care

Learn how to identify signs and symptoms of heart attack and heart failure, manage recovery, and reduce risks.

We’re making caregiving a calling and a career

  • More opportunities
  • Better pay
  • Increased fulfillment

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I become a caregiver?

Most unpaid caregivers provide care for family members, partners, or friends. California’s In-Home Supportive Services (IHSS) program pays in-home caregivers to provide non-medical personal care to seniors and persons with disabilities. To become an IHSS provider, check out the information and resources on this California Department of Social Services page.

Am I eligible for caregiver training?

If you’re an IHSS provider, yes you are eligible for at least one of our training programs! The Career Pathways Program courses are open to all IHSS providers in California. The multi-week programs have certain eligibility requirements (such as location or consumers health plan).

Is caregiver training free?

Yes! All our training programs are free for eligible IHSS caregivers in California.

How long is the training?

It depends. The Career Pathways Program courses are two to three hours each, and you sign up for each course individually. You may sign up for as many individual courses as you need, but we encourage you to take them in sequence so you can fully take advantage of the learning journey that we designed for each pathway. The multi-week training programs (IHSS Basic, IHSS Alzheimer’s, and Emergency & Disaster Preparedness) are between six to 12 weeks because they are comprehensive and focus on specialized skills.

Do I get certified as a caregiver?

Students who complete the training get a certificate of achievement, but this is not an official state certification (which does not exist at this time). Students who successfully pass the CPR module get a CPR certificate from the American Heart Association.

Sandra Owens Taylor,
IHSS+ graduate

“I’m making an impact on someone else’s life. I’m bringing joy. I’m bringing light. I’m supporting their independence.”

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