Program Assistant

The Center for Caregiver Advancement (CCA) is the largest provider of training for long-term care workers in California. Our mission is to build the workforce of highly trained caregivers that many Californians can’t live without. We will champion training for all caregivers and make it universally accessible. We believe that trained caregivers will be respected and valued professionals who have been proven to enhance the quality of life and save money for our overburdened healthcare system. Our efforts will create jobs and upward mobility for the millions of people who are needed as caregivers in California. With the wave of the baby boomers in or approaching retirement age, 10,000 people will turn 65 every day for the next 15 years, which creates systemic pressures and the need for growth of the long-term care workforce. CCA is working to enhance the skills of direct care workers, who are predominantly women of color and immigrants, that are needed to support this diverse aging population.

Date of Issuance or Revision: 6/15/2021

Employment Status: Full-Time Non- Exempt

Reports to: Senior Director of Home Care Programs and/or designee

Essential Duties and Responsibilities:
● Coordinates and plans with the Senior Director and staff to provide administrative support for the programmatic and data management needs of the department.
● Carries out administrative and clerical responsibilities such as organizing files, making photocopies, and preparing mailers.
● Work with staff to ensure compliance with administrative requirements such as activity reports, participant records, and expense report filings.
● Creates and/or maintains various data systems for tracking and monitoring compliance with programs.
● Creates recruitment materials such as flyers.
● Assists in establishing and maintaining an effective and efficient records management system.
● Prepares, files, sorts source documents, identifies and interprets data, and ensures data is entered in a timely and accurate manner.
● Works with various departments to resolve data related issues, inconsistencies, or missing information. Analyzes data for accuracy, locates and corrects data entry errors, or reports them to the manager to resolve.
● Maintains confidentiality of data.
● Generates reports and responds to inquiries regarding entered data as requested.
● Assists with location scouting and contracts.
● Assists with facilitation of graduations.
● Other duties and special projects as assigned to support the functional area and mission of CCA.
Experience and Qualifications:
● 2 years in coordinator or administrative role.
● Associate Degree in Business Administration preferred.
● Expertise using Microsoft Office Suite: Word, Excel, Power Point, Access and Outlook.
● Proficient use of the Internet as a research tool.
● High attention to detail and excellent organizational skills.
● Commitment to provide accurate, efficient and friendly service to staff and students.
● Responsive to the needs of the organization and highly motivated to improve the skills and capabilities within the department.
● Ability to multitask and work well under pressure.
● Ability to support several projects simultaneously and prioritize effectively to complete workload.
● Bilingual skills (English-Spanish, English-Chinese, English-Armenian, English-Korean)
highly desirable.
● Exhibit collegiality and diplomacy within a team environment, have good work ethic and a mature understanding of cultural diversity.
● Flexibility to occasionally work evenings and weekends, as needed.
● Ability to interact and communicate courteously and tactfully with managers, co-workers, students, vendors and stakeholders.
● Ability to work in a team environment, use tact and diplomacy and exhibit problem solving skills, as well as multi-task and work well under pressure.
● Possession of valid CA Driver’s License and reliable transportation.
● Strong commitment to social and economic justice.
Extent of Supervision Received: Minimal to moderate supervision should be required for the person who is handling the routine essential functions of this position in a competent manner. Closer supervision may be required for special non-routine assignments.
Physical Requirements and Work Environment: Employees must recognize that working in the non-profit environment is demanding work, which sometimes requires working long or irregular hours.
● Occasionally required to stand.
● Occasionally required to walk.
● Continually required to sit.
● Continually required to utilize hand and finger dexterity.
● Occasionally required to climb, balance, bend, stoop, kneel or crawl.
● Continually required to talk or hear.
● Continually utilize visual acuity to operate equipment, read.
● Technical information, and/or use a keyboard.
● Occasionally required to lift/push/carry items less up to 25 pounds.
● Specialized equipment, machines, or vehicles used: computer, printer, telephone, calculator, keyboard, fax machine.

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