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Chenel King

Chenel King, Program Assistant

Chenel King was born and raised in Los Angeles, a writer, educator, and researcher with a passion for the aging and dying process. With a Master’s from USC in Gerontology, an MFA in Writing from Otis College of Art and Design, as well as a Bachelor’s degree in English-Creative Writing from San Francisco State University—Chenel’s educational journey is never-ending. Chenel has worked in education, television, customer service, health care, and medical billing –the versatility in these positions has taught her to think on her feet, be observant of her surroundings, and always keep the lines of communication open and clear. Chenel’s aim has been to connect people with other people–a constant meeting of minds and resources. From the various positions –all have involved creating meaningful and sincere human connections while trying to solve a problem, showcase a life, or even help out with a paper. Chenel has worked with all ages and differently-abled individuals as well and understands the complexities of what care can and should be. Chenel is dedicated to learning and researching best practices, so good intentions can turn into even better outcomes.

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