Obtain High School Diploma/Equivalency

Workers can take classes that help them obtain their high school equivalency (GED, HiSET) and beyond.

Format: Self-paced

Length: 6 weeks or less

Languages: English, Spanish

Eligibility: Eligible students must be current SEIU Local 2015 nursing home members working at a facility that is actively contributing into the Education Fund.  

Wrap-Around Services: Support with enrollment and ongoing case managementCost to Student: None

Here’s what you’ll learn:

Mathematical Reasoning

This course focuses on critical elements to understand Basic Math, Geometry, Basic Algebra, Graphs, and Functions.

Language Arts

This course focuses on improving your communication skills by understanding what you read and learn while providing tools to write clearly and effectively.

Social Studies

This course focuses on understanding social studies concepts, using logic and reasoning, and drawing conclusions. It covers three broad skill topics: reading for meaning in social studies, analyzing historical events and arguments in social studies, and using numbers and graphs.


This course focuses on reading, creating, and understanding science texts, tables, charts, and graphs. Improving the ability to understand science experiments and studies are designed, conclude data, and evaluate other people’s conclusions while understanding how to use scientific theories.

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