Our Vision

The Center for Caregiver Advancement is committed to improving care and building better lives for caregivers in California and the people they serve. More than 6 million people in California work as caregivers today. That number is expected to grow significantly since nearly 20% of California’s population is projected to be over 65 by 2030. The need for high-quality caregiver training has never been more urgent or important. 

  • Champion training for all caregivers and make it universally accessible
  • Create a higher standard of care
  • Help seniors and people with disabilities to live longer, healthier, and happier lives
  • Foster a future where caregiving is a respected and recognized profession
  • Create jobs and empower the millions of people that California depends on for caregiving
  • Boost confidence, self-efficacy, and job retention for caregivers
  • Increase public awareness of the value of training to influence public policy
  • Save resources and money for our overburdened healthcare system

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