Our Vision

  • Champion training for all caregivers and make it universally accessible
  • Create a higher standard of care
  • Help seniors and people with disabilities to live longer, healthier, and happier lives
  • Foster a future where caregiving is a respected and recognized profession
  • Create jobs and empower the millions of people that California depends on for caregiving
  • Boost confidence, self-efficacy, and job retention for caregivers
  • Increase public awareness of the value of training to influence public policy
  • Save resources and money for our overburdened healthcare system

Together We're Making an Impact

We have trained more than 16 000 caregivers and counting.

Our training helped reduce emergency room visits by 42%

and hospitalizations by 60%.

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"At L.A. Care, we understand that the majority of people prefer to stay in their homes, even when living with chronic and complex illnesses, and IHSS caregivers carry enormous responsibilities. This training has provided caregivers the tools necessary to improve our members health and comfort at home"
- John Baackes, CEO, LA Care Health Plan.

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