Autism Spectrum Disorder

Learn how to care for individuals with autism spectrum disorder.

Format: Real-time learning led by instructors

Length: 6 courses / 6 weeks / 18 hours / 3 hours per class

Languages offered: English, Spanish, Armenian, Cantonese, Korean, Mandarin, Russian, Vietnamese

Eligibility: Must be IHSS provider in California

Offered through Career Pathways Program and CalGrows

Here’s what you will learn:

Course 1: Introduction

This course provides an overview of ASD and information to support individuals suffering from ASD. Coursework focuses on ASD, how individuals and families may be impacted, and differentiates between typical development and atypical development associated with ASD in children and teens

Course 2: Terminology, Signs/Symptoms, and Risks

In the course you will learn key ASD terms and definitions, how to identify the signs and symptoms associated with ASD, and develop awareness of potential risk behaviors in someone suffering from ASD.

Course 3: Management

This course provides information for recognizing terms around management of ASD. It will describe what to do and not do regarding management of maladaptive behaviors and explain how to assist ASD individuals with skills, functioning, and communication.

Course 4: Prevention

In this course, you will learn how to identify maladaptive behaviors and how to use proactive tools to help manage these behaviors and prevent them from occurring in the future. This course will also teach and demonstrate how to put ASD management and prevention tools into practice.

Course 5: Supporting through aging and emergencies

This course provides content on how to support ASD in the different age groups. You will learn how to identify and address at risk behaviors and practice how to handle situations regarding social skills, aggression, and elopement in different age groups.

Course 6: Case scenarios and skills practice

In this course, we put everything you learned into practice through case scenarios. You will share core components of ASD, practice implementing the information learned, and reflect on how you would incorporate ASD teachings into the care you provide to consumers.

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