Education Fund

SEIU 2015 Long-Term Care Workers

Policy on Information Sharing

Approved by the Board of Trustees: September 30, 2016

In an effort to establish a consistent set of information to be shared with contributing employers, potential employers and the Union, we have established the following guidelines to provide clarity around information the Education Fund is able to share on a regular basis.

By definition, our Education Fund is set up as a Taft-Hartley ERISA Trust and is an aggregate of monetary contributions that members of the bargaining unit in contributing facilities are able to access as a benefit of their employment at the facility, and that is covered by their Collective Bargaining Agreement. The contributions are comingled, and programs are delivered equitably across eligible members of the bargaining unit. The assets of the Education Fund shall never inure to the benefit of any employer and shall be held for the exclusive purposes of providing an education and training program and defraying reasonable expenses of administering such program.

The Education Fund will not share program data on a facility specific level, nor by individual participant.

(For additional information, see the Agreement and Declaration of Trust Establishing the SEIU Local 2015 Long Term Care Workers Education and Training Trust Fund.)

The following items will be available on CCA’s website, and accessible by employers, the union and members of the bargaining unit:

  1. Agreement and Declaration of Trust Establishing the SEIU Local 2015 Long Term Care Workers Education and Training Trust Fund
  2. Names of current Trustees
  3. Plan Description
  4. Statewide Benefits
  5. Program Impact
  6. Annual Audits
  7. Standard Third Party Administrator Documents
  8. Report of aggregate number of bargaining unit members eligible for services on an annual basis: 2022: 4,615 Members
  9. Total Number of Contributing Facilities (received at least 1 month of contribution): 88
  10. Total Number of Contributing Facilities Eligible for Benefits (received at least 3 months of contributions, no current delinquencies that are 60 days or more): 72

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