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Celebrating the work of advancing caregivers

Since the inception of CCA in 2000, advancing caregivers as a respected and recognized workforce has always been our goal. With California’s population aged 65+ expected to grow 18% or by 1.25 million adults, the need to both attract people to this work and offer career advancement opportunities through high-quality caregiver training has never been more urgent.

Last year, we pioneered more training programs that address this need: the Caregiver Resiliency Teams Project, the first of its kind in the nation, and the CNA Registered Apprenticeship Program, which will impact California’s nursing home industry by providing a pipeline of highly trained CNAs to unionized skilled nursing facilities.

Infographic of 2022 accomplishments

CCA has expanded our reach and impact to thousands of workers across the state with our launch of 120 hours of original curriculum and training programs that are worker-centered and honor the consumer-directed model of care. As a team that pushes for validation of the caregiving workforce and the immigrant women of color who do this work, we work hard and at a fast pace. We know that what we do will advance lives. CCA is meeting the moment we have been working to create for over two decades – through organizational growth, program expansion, and the continuing evolution and development of our 2023-2025 Strategic Plan. This lays the roadmap for our continuing journey on delivering person-centered and linguistically and culturally competent training to California’s long-term care workers.

We are excited about what the next three years will bring as we continue to advance caregivers and build the workforce of highly trained caregivers that many Californians can’t live without.

Corinne Eldridge
President and CEO

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