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Training builds trust

IN HER OWN WORDS: Okesha Reese, IHSS provider

“(After training), I began to look at the consumer differently. Now if I’m helping them eat or use the bathroom, I try to be respectful and do everything in my power to preserve their dignity. The value of this is more than something you feel in your heart. It also builds trust and allows for better communication among the team… What I learned with CLTCEC training and on the job is to find ways to take initiative. I don’t show up at my shift like a robot and go through the same motions. I’ll ask my stepmother if there’s something she’d like to do differently today. Do more than what’s on paper, you might say. Like we’ll sit on the porch or go outside a few steps if she’s feeling up to it. It might not sound like much, getting some sun and fresh air. But you should see the light in her eyes.”

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